Obviously this isn’t going to be particularly interesting to many people, but I have received this question several times and I’m always in favor of over-sharing so…

VidCon has never paid a single person to attend our conference. We fly some people out and pay for hotel…

A good read and important information! 



Hey Guys! I hope everyone is doing well! We are figuring out our initial goals for next VidCon. We are hoping to have the following by next year:

  1. Charging stations (easy)
  2. Free Wi-Fi upload area (medium difficulty, will require a bit of cash, not impossible)
  3. BETTER communication network…

We’re also happy to help you guys out in any way we can! <3 The Lonewolves 



We’re now on our third full day of VidCon 2015 planning here in Missoula. Monica and Laura as well as a new part-time team member Meredith have flown in to hang with the rest of the team. We’re plowing through problems and solutions and then occasionally just having very good new breakout ideas…

All kinds of important news to know